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Jim Tostrud Full time, licensed guide
Jim has been turkey hunting and turkey calling long before it became popular in Wisconsin. He was introduced to this great sport many years ago by a good friend Ben Rodgers Lee from Coffeeville, AL.

Ben was one of the best in the field of turkey hunting. Ben's life was cut short and he is now up in the great hunting grounds in the sky, but Jim feels his presence and remembers what Ben taught him every time a Tom responds to Jim's call with a hardy gobble.

Jims love and passion for this great sport and the birds themselves shows every time the subject comes up.

Jim has won numerous calling contests but retired from competition long ago. He believes his competition is in the woods.

Jim does Turkey Hunting Seminars around the country and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others. As a guide, Jim loves turning his hunters on to a great experience in the woods.

Hunt the Beautiful Woods of Wisconsin

JT has hunted around the country for most of the subspecies of the wild turkey and has witnessed many a bird getting rolled. When Jim started guiding he would take hunters on ground he hunts himself, but many time people who wanted his help or just the experience of hunting with him and didn’t have a tag in his area. Jim adapted an idea that has become a big hit. Jim now guides all over the state teaching people how to hunt their own birds on their own land. This can pose a big challenge going to new ground but can be very rewarding when his hunter is successful and learns what Jim has to offer.

Jim's success rate is very high and he says by guiding this way he has grown as a hunter and as a person and sharing the woods and the experience with others is a blessing. He also adds the one of the best thing about being a guide is that he gets to hunt all season and share that experience with others and if he successfully calls in a big Tom and his hunter is successful, he also is successful. Comparing that to just going out and filling his own tag and the season is over for him.

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Don't miss out on an opportunity to hunt with one of Wisconsin's finest outdoorsmen

Jim has his own outdoors TV program and one of his favorite things to do is not only call the birds in but capture the experience on film to share with many others. Jim and his camera crew have successfully filmed some great hunts and Jim has produced a couple very exciting Turkey hunting DVDs that are available on this web site. Check out these DVDs and judge for yourself on how fun it is to share the woods with a real turkey like Jim.

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